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Are you a farmer, an input trader, a processor or an exporter of agricultural and livestock products? Looking for professional information to increase your activities? Become part of our platform to expand your business today!

The Voice of Albanian Farmers!

ABA Online is a digital platform, providing personalized information and services in the agriculture and livestock sectors to meet the needs of every Albanian farmer, in order to help develop business and financial skills.

What does ABA Online platform offer?

All activities and services at ABA Center are designed to develop farmers' activities, and are reflected in real time on ABA online to reach every farmer nationwide.

  • Information on production technologies, agricultural inputs, chemical and organic fertilizers, pesticides, market prices, export standards or agricultural certifications
  • Promotion of support schemes
  • Financial education and promotion of best practices in agriculture and livestock
  • Establishing contacts and partnerships between farmers, market and value chain actors
  • Success stories sharing of farmers and agricultural farms
  • Expertise from well-known specialists in the field of agriculture and livestock.

All services at ABA Online aim to improve the capacity of the agricultural and livestock activities of farmers nationwide.

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Registering on ABA Online gives you access to:

  1. Online Market: Marketing and sales of your agricultural and livestock products online
  2. Forum: Group conversation and partnership development
  3. Ask Expert: Experts of the field to respond to your agricultural problems or concerns
  4. Market prices: Updates and graphic representation of the wholesale market prices
  5. Information about my farm: Personalized information for the agriculture and livestock sectors

With a simple registration, you get personalized services in real time!

Publication date: 22/04/2023

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You can find such information at ABA Center, on ABA Online digital platform www.abaonline.al, or on ABA Online application.


Become part of our platform to expand your business today!


ABA Center - Agro Business Assistance was established with the initiative and support of FED invest and the Project "Financial Inclusion of Albania Smallholders" funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

How can you contact us?

+355 (0) 4 225 1910/1
Street "Kongresi i Lushnjes",11-storey building, 3rd floor, Lushnje